Algae is Mother Natures True Source of DHA.

DHA in its Most Natural & Bioavailable Form
Plant DHA Max cuts out the middlemen – fish and krill – and goes to mother-nature’s true source of omega 3 DHA, the Algae the fish and krill eat. This plant based approach delivers the DHA triglycerides in their purest and most natural form as well as eliminates the risk of consuming common ocean-borne contaminates such as heavy metals, PCB’s and Dioxins which are prevalent within animal sources of omega 3 fatty acids.

Max DHA Levels. The Highest Concentration.

Plant DHA Max provides you maximum strength DHA in the purest and most concentrated form. One capsule provides your body 350 mg of Pure DHA with approximately 99% DHA triglyceride level and over a 50% concentration of DHA. No other source of plant-based DHA has achieved such high purity and concentration levels. Look at us in comparison to the leading algae-based DHA manufactures.

images_concThe World Health Organization currently recommends that adults consume a minimum of 300 mg DHA per day. Plant DHA Max is one of the only sources of Omega 3 DHA to exceed the World Health Organizations minimum DHA requirements in one capsule.

Maximum Purity Through Water Extraction.

We are able to obtain such high purity and concentration levels due to the revolutionary Water Extraction Process, which physically separates the oil from the Algae; leaving it in a pure, highly concentrated and untainted form.


  • Physically rather than chemically extracted; similar to expeller pressing seeds
  • Maximizes Purity & Concentration of DHA triglycerides
  • Preserves the natural form of the DHA, maximizing bioavailability
  • Eliminates use of dangerous chemical solvents such as Hexane
  • Eliminates the need to use stablizers, fillers & binders


DHA is An Omega 3 Fatty Acid and a Core Component of the Brain, Heart and Eyes

statsDHA is apart of the omega 3 family and arguably the most important of the Omega 3’s. It is not only present in nearly every cell of the body but it is also a core structural component of the brain, heart, eyes and nervous system – and plays a crucial role in the healthy and optimal functioning of these areas of the body.

Healthy DHA levels are needed during every phase of life. During infancy DHA acts as a building block of the brain, eyes and nervous system. And then throughout our lives DHA is continually needed to enable the brain, eyes and heart to function properly.

Omega 3’s are considered essential nutrients because the body cannot produce them and they must be consumed from your diet.

Prenatal & Postnatal Nutrition. DHA is Essential to a Babies Development.

DHA has been stressed to be the most important nutrient a mother consumes before, during and after pregnancy because DHA is a structural fat that aids in the forming of the babies brain, heart, eyes and nervous system.

During pregnancy and breastfeeding the mother’s body and breast milk are what actually supply the fetus and new born with DHA. The DHA triglycerides that the baby receives are then used by the babies body to build its brain, nervous system, heart and eyes.

pregnantDHA’s and a Babies Development :

      • Plays a crucial role in the overal development & size of a babies brain *
      • Improves their overall cognitive development & performance throughout its life. *
      • Improves development of hand eye coordination and motor skills (athleticism) *
      • Crucial to the development of the central nervous system *
      • Crucial to the development of the babies eyes and overall eye health *
      • Influences a child’s ability to learn and focus later in life *

DHA Supports Brain Performance, Positive Emotions & Stress Levels

DHA is a core component within the brain, making it a cornerstone to overall brain health and performance. In fact DHA comprises 30% of the gray matter within the brain, as well as 97% of the Omega 3’s found in the brain. It acts as a fundmental component of the brain, influencing nearly every facet of cognition (thinking) as well as our emotional responses to life.

brain_devDo you think it is any coincidence many mothers experience mild depression, mood swings or crying spells after their baby is born? This is commonly referred to as the “baby blues” and has been found to be linked to depleted DHA levels from the pregnancy and breastfeeding.

    • Aids overall cognitive performance throughout life which include nonverbal reasoning, memory and focus *
    • Supports emotional well-being; low DHA levels has been linked to depression, anxiety, addictive tendencies and suicidal thoughts *
    • Supports optimal cellular communication in brain *
    • Improves our ability to respond to stress *
    • Prevents degenerative brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s *